Expect to have a say in your design:

Design is in the eye of the beholder and each person gravitates towards something different. That's why we always listen to our clients and help them achieve THEIR look and not ours. If you trust us to your design we will give you multiple opportunities to tune the design to your taste.

All Designs are drawn in full color, 3D and you will be able to zoom in & out, pan & rotate to see them from any angle.

We promise our client SIX renderings spaced over 3 ROUNDS.

  • The FIRST ROUND includes 3 designs.
  • The SECOND ROUND includes 2 Designs based on your favorite elements from the first.
  • The THIRD ROUND includes your favorite elements from the second.

Quite frankly, we usually send more than SIX designs as we are trying to figure out the right design ourselves. We work to get the design right and only only go above our estimate if the scope of the project changes or you request too many changes.

How much does our service cost?

The cost of every exterior design project is different. Our price is determined by the complexity of the home and its environment, the materials being replaced, and the extent you want to change your home. Rough estimates can be given over the phone (612.600.1681) and exact estimates can be given if you email us photographs of your home. Paul@revisionhome.com

You can pay us with...

We prefer checks because they come without service fees. However you can also use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express if you wish to pay us using PayPal

Personal service wherever you are

ReVision Home is located in Minneapolis MN. If you are a local client we will meet in person so we can see your home first hand and discuss your ideas in person. After the initial meeting, almost everything can be accomplished remotely. However if you live beyond a reasonable distance to travel we can work via phone, email and photos. We have helped clients around the country and it is an amazingly seamless process.

A note about color over digital media

Our 3D renderings are very high resolution and what they do exceptionally well is give the best possible idea of what a home could turn out like. They will help you and your contractor know where elements should be

placed, height, scale, texture, and color families.

That being said, 3D renderings are part science and part art. We do our best to portray what a color will look like but color is also relative to what is next too and who is viewing it.

The color you see on our simulations is affected by many variables but mostly from the difference between your computer and ours. It is important to think of these photos as guides, (really good guides) rather than exact science. There is no substitute for viewing all the materials being incorporated into the project together before you make a decision about exact colors.


Our 3D design service is designed purely to help you visualize your home with a new look. We are quite experienced with how homes are built but It is your responsibility to ask your contractor whether the design ideas will work. If your contractor has a better suggestion please let us know and we will do our best to show it that way.