reVisionHome Helps

The First and Only

reVisionHome started in 2006 with a simple phone call. A contractor called Design Q&A (our parent interior design company) out of the blue, wondering if we could show his clients what their home could look like when remodeled. We said yes and then figured out how to do it. It took awhile to realize how much potential exterior design had but we are 'all in' now. 
We are the first and only independent exterior design company (that we know of anyway) but we don't let our novelty get in the way of great customer service. Our service is affordable and a phenomenal value to our clients and we feel that we save our client's more money than they spend on our service.
Our philosophy is to leave our egos out of the equation and help our clients come up with a design that suits them. We still offer original ideas and great taste that strives towards a timeless look but, we give our clients lots of opportunity to take part in the process and customize their home to their taste.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Exterior material choices have swelled exponentially in the past decade. Not only do you need to choose the materials and colors but you need to decide where they go too. We can help you narrow down your options with objective opinions and good taste. Did we tell you that we can show you what your home could look like too?

Why independent design is important to you!

Apples to Apples Bids: Showing three contractors the same plan will take away the individual interpretation and give you much better 'apples to apples' comparison.
Save Construction Dollars: Contractors will need to sharpen their pencils because they are competing on the exact same project for your business. Plus, we have zero incentive to make you spend more on your home than you want so we will not attempt to sell up.
You Own Your Design: You can show your design to whoever you wish and you are not saddled with any single contractor so your choice is greatly increased.
Great Design: It astounds us how many Contractors don't really care if they improve your curb appeal. We don't doubt that most will give you a well crafted home but they often don't see your opportunity to be the most a handsome home on the block. Our design will help you achieve the best possible look for your home.

Multiple options: We don't hand you one design and say 'that's it'. You get to collaborate with the design so we find the best solution for you.
Objectivity: We are only selling great ideas, good taste, and visual aids. So, we will not push any products or services that are not what you want/need. We promise to give honest opinions about various products and services.
Design Build Firms are Expensive: Keeping a design team on staff is very expensive so Design Builds may offer cheap design but they will make up for it in their construction overhead. You are much better off financially by showing a design you own to multiple contractors.
Creativity: Have you ever noticed that many builders have their trademark style? We think about each client and their situation and design accordingly. We won't waste an opportunity for greatness.